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High Five


Carol and Ellie Founded in 2003, we are celebrating 13 years of ParaFUNalia this year!

High Five is a certified women owned business owned by Carol Smith and Ellie Bathe. We are delightfully fun, middle aged gals with a flair that’s not square. And, except for when we find ourselves in the midst of occasional hot flashes, we have very COOL ideas.

Call us crazy, but we’re passionate about our work and our core belief that the small stuff matters. Let us help you give your brand a promotion! If you have federal student loans in default due to a life change, unemployment, difficulty making payments or any other reason, there is hope for getting your student loans out of default for good (defaulted student loans).

WBENC Certified

Fair Labor Association

High Five. Celebrating 10 Years of ParaFUNalia!